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Our Story

We are Ben and Caitlin Pyle, digital “couplepreneurs” from Orlando, Florida whose lives quickly and radically changed when we ditched our limiting beliefs and started taking action on our own unique “genius.”

We went from a $4,000-a-month average income to a $100,000 a month business in just over a year. In the last 15 months our online businesses have grossed over a million dollars and have helped over a thousand people live better lives.

We no longer believe earning money has to be a lifelong struggle or endless exchange of our time for money. Instead, we believe following our “genius” — our own unique know-how — plus a lot of passion and hard work (read: action taking!!!) can and does bring a greater reward. Now we’re paying it forward by coaching other people in obtaining the necessary skills and resources to turn their own “genius” into a valuable product that enhances not only their own lives, but others’ lives, too.

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What Our Students Say

Follow their steps and you will succeed.

I love how Caitlin and Ben can turn things that might look complicated into easy step-by-step processes. They leave out the fluff and give awesome nuggets of action. Follow their steps and you will succeed. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to monetize their knowledge without getting overwhelmed.


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